From conventional energy sources to groundbreaking new energy solutions, the energy of today and tomorrow cannot exist without the energy geoscience industry.

We leverage data, science, and technology to make affordable, reliable, and secure energy possible while driving a more sustainable energy future for the world.

A geoscientist looking at readouts on his tablet

Making Energy Possible

While you may not be familiar with the energy geoscience industry, we are the companies, innovators, and energy developers that use earth science to discover, develop, and deliver energy to people around the world. 

Our industry provides the teams, engineering, and data solutions that are critical for exploration and production activities across the energy sector – from mainstay energy to alternative solutions. We play a role in everything from undersea exploration for petroleum wells in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico to natural underground storage opportunities for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in the Permian.

  • EnerGeo Client and Contract Advisor Theresa J.

    Thresa J.

    Client and Contract Advisor

  • EnerGeo SVP of Research and Development Yu Z.

    Yu Z.

    SVP, Research & Development

  • EnerGeo VP of Marketing Brian A.

    Brian A.

    VP, Marketing

  • EnerGeo North America Offshore Operations Performance Lead Gloria S.

    Gloria S.

    North America Offshore Operations Performance Lead

Being from a really small town. I was always fascinated by the energy geoscience Industry and everything it has to offer. I realized the importance of the energy industry and how it has the ability to connect us all.

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Making Energy Through Innovation Possible

As an industry, we partner with countries and communities around the world to help deliver data that can unlock the most valuable resource potential. Some energy exploration technologies, like geoscience surveys, have been used for more than 100 years and extensively for more than eight decades. Today, we are innovating to leverage similar surveys for alternative energy and low-carbon energy solutions, like CCS, offshore wind and geothermal. 

With every new leap in geoscience innovation, energy sources broaden and energy discoveries and subsequent production significantly increase. This innovation wouldn’t be possible without the thousands of employees across our industry who are driving the future of energy with roles in everything from engineering and data science to health safety and environment (HSE) and human resources (HR).

  • EnerGeo Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Ricardo D.

    Ricardo D.

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer

  • EnerGeo Product Owner Makayla C.

    Makayla C.

    Product Owner

  • EnerGeo Exploration Data Manager for US Land Archana P.

    Archana P.

    Exploration Data Manager US Land

  • EnerGeo Business Development Manager Henrik R.

    Henrik R.

    Business Development Manager

  • EnerGeo Client and Contact Advisor Miao Y.

    Miao Y.

    Client and Contract Advisor

One breakthrough idea is the study of multiple imaging technology, which greatly helps in expanding the illumination area and maximizes use of acquired data to avoid hazard without increasing the acquisition cost.

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A view of planet earth from space with the lights of cities shining brightly thanks to accessible energy

Making Accessible Energy Possible

The energy sector has made unimaginable progress over the last century, benefitting communities around the world. Today, we can access more energy more affordably and reliably than ever before, creating an energy secure world – and a significant part of these advancements are thanks to the energy geoscience industry.

We are the key to ensuring the broader sector can continue to deliver energy that is affordable, reliable, and secure. Our industry is focused on making energy exploration and the advancement of energy solutions safer and cheaper by improving locating and qualifying resources coupled with better understanding energy and environmental systems. 

  • EnerGeo Exploration Geologist Bruna L.

    Bruna L.

    Exploration Geologist

  • The President of the EnerGeo Alliance, Nikki M.

    Nikki M.

    President of EnerGeo Alliance

  • EnerGeo Area Geophysicist and Manager Abhishek R.

    Abhishek R.

    Area Geophysicist / Manager

  • EnerGeo Manager of Subsurface OBO Collins A.

    Collins A.

    Manager Subsurface

  • EnerGeo Team Leader Alan B.

    Alan B.

    Team Leader

Securing a reliable, and cleaner energy future requires passionate and dedicated talents from different disciplines to work together. So if you truly care about affordable, reliable, and secure energy resources, a career in geoscience might be a great fit for you.

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Wind farms in the ocean creating clean, sustainable energy thanks to geosciences

Making a Sustainable Future Possible

For decades, our industry has sought to find and drive energy solutions that are best for countries across our world – no matter where they are in their energy evolution journey. The industry is both decarbonizing traditional exploration while also leading the way in alternative energy and low-carbon solution development.

We are committed to being a good neighbor and taking care of local communities. From land to sea, we comply with all relevant mitigation and monitoring guidelines and regulations to ensure safe operations and protect the environment.

  • EnerGeo Chief Geologist Peter S.

    Peter S.

    Chief Geophysicist

  • Energeo Manufacturing Engineering Manager Milton B.

    Milon B.

    Manufacturing Engineering Manager

  • EnerGeo North America Offshore Full Waveform Inversion Lead Kate G.

    Kate G.

    North America Offshore Full Waveform Inversion Lead

  • EnerGeo Junior Geophysicist Taylor M.

    Taylor M.

    Junior Geophysicist

  • EnerGeo Talent Acquisition Advisor Maicon F.

    Maicon F.

    Talent Acquisition Lead

Geoscience innovations are transforming the energy industry. New technologies are helping us to better understand and extract energy from the Earth in a more sustainable way. This is leading to a future where cleaner and reliable energy plays a central role.

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The work of the energy geoscience industry makes possible the mainstay, new and alternative energy, and low carbon solutions like CCS that power the world.