South Africa’s energy evolution, from producing conventional forms of energy to discovering new energy solutions, cannot exist without the energy geoscience industry.

Geoscience technology can pinpoint the areas with the most potential making energy discovery and project siting faster, safer, and more environmentally effective. 

Seismic surveys, conducted in South Africa for decades, have proven that domestic energy sources can be reliably and affordably developed to meet increasing energy demand and unlock energy independence for the country and its citizens. 

Protect Marine Life

Seismic surveys are not harmful to the marine environment. They are conducted at frequencies below the hearing range of many marine species, comparable to many naturally occurring ocean sound sources. 

Our industry implements mitigation measures to protect the marine environment during surveys, including professional marine mammal observers and the use of acoustic monitoring technology. We respect exclusion zones and events of biological significance, including breeding areas and seasons, migration, and foraging, out of an abundance of precaution for the protection of marine life. 

A female geoscientist looking over environmental data on two computer screens

Sustainable Seas

Our members are committed to keeping our oceans free of marine debris. Since 2016, EnerGeo Alliance members have reported removing more than 2.5 million pounds of marine debris. The EnerGeo Alliance led the development of the Sustainable Seas Initiative, a collaboration with key stakeholders, including fishermen, conservation organizations, and government agencies, to develop and implement effective solutions for the collection and responsible disposal of fishing gear and other marine debris, as well as increasing public awareness and education about the impacts of ghost nets and marine debris on our environment.

Learn more about how EnerGeo members are protecting the marine environment during operations from the videos below:

Create Benefits for Local Communities

Developing energy sources provides both direct and indirect job opportunities for local communities.

Our members carry out consultations with stakeholders as the first presence of energy development.  Our members are committed to understanding their concerns and needs and making efforts to meet them, whether these are environmental concerns, healthcare and education needs, or supporting local businesses.

Fully Comply with Laws and Regulations

Our members must meet rigorous criteria from the government to receive permits before proceeding with operations. During the survey planning stage, environmental impact assessments are conducted to evaluate the potential impacts and risks to marine life and consider measures to avoid or mitigate them, in keeping with international best practice and best available science. 

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Impact Partners

The work of the energy geoscience industry makes possible the mainstay, new and alternative energy, and low carbon solutions like CCS that power the world.